>Heaven’s Surprises

My son Jacob, 6, is adopted (as is my daughter Janelle, 13). His biological/birth mom just lost a baby 8 months into her pregnancy.

Sadly this is her fourth pregnancy. Her first was “terminated” in her early teens; her second was Jacob, a third miscarried, and now this.

I shared this with some friends, and there were questions as to her relationship with the Lord. Some were fairly candid in voicing their opinion that obviously she needed to be “saved” since she was continuing in sin.

I don’t pretend to “know” her spiritual condition. When she is around (very infrequently) she talks-the-talk; and appears to have a real desire to grow in Christ.

My concern is for those who categorize sexual sin in a different way than other sin (most notably theirs…and mine). I recognize that Scripture speaks strongly about the ramifications of sexual sin; but the fact that this young woman is sleeping around…at least occasionally…does not allow us the privilege of “assuming” she is not “in Christ.”

For my money, the most terrifying verses in all of the Word are in Matthew 7 where Jesus declares “Not everyone who says to Me, ‘Lord, Lord’ shall enter the kingdom of heaven.”

The older I get the more convinced I am that half-of-heaven is going to involve looking at people and thinking, “How did they get in?” while the other half will be spent wondering “Where is so-and-so (people I thought were Christians who in fact were not?”

Is Jacob’s birth mom saved? I certainly pray so…and have frequently prayed the Lord to invade her life if she is not “in Christ,” and to provoke her to purity if, in fact, she is my sister-in-Christ.

But to “assume” she is not a Christian because she has had pregnancies out of wedlock is not “righteous judgment.”

What thinkest thou?