>Remembering With Jacob


My youngest, Jacob (6), and I spent part of the morning walking through the Bath VA/National Cemetery. Though a little chilly; the sun was shining; and since the past week has been nice weather – for October; we enjoyed the relative warmth.

There is only one Hager buried here, and, coincidentally, he was a Jacob also. The VA computer says he served with Company F of the 149th Infantry as a “reconstruction aide.” I assume that means he took part in the post-surrender work of reconciliation etc…but “reconstruction aide” is not a bad title for a follower of Christ, is it?

Found one headstone of a soldier who was awarded the Medal of Honor during the Civil War.

Tried to emphasize to Jacob what Memorial Day is supposed to signify…as opposed to just another three-day-weekend, the unofficial kick-off to summer, time to plant, etc. Not sure how much he took in.

As we looked over the almost 14,000 graves…it was sobering to realize that there is nothing but bodies in the ground…14,000 “whosoevers” are one of two places…

>"Against" What? or "Against" Who?

Forty years ago I was in Vietnam, attached to the 11th Armored Cavalry Regiment. Forty? Good grief! What is such a young guy doing in such an old body???

I was not a follower of Christ. I was into a lot of garbage. Vietnam was a lot like my subsequent years in prison – I learned a lot there, but I don’t wanna go back.

And though it was a different war against a different enemy, it gives empathy to our troops serving in warzones today.

And I am thankful – once again – that the people who are “against” the current wars are, in large part, not “against” the warriors.

It’s not unlike being “against” sin, but not “against” sinners.

And I encourage you to ponder that last sentence, examine what (who?) you are “against,” and leave some thoughts in the comment section.

And…of course…even as we celebrate memorial day…let us never cease to wonder at the memory of the One who loved us so much He would rather die than be without us…