>Integrity Evidenced

The Lighthouse Mission of Long Island, NY has turned down a share of $3,000,000.00.

The Mission feeds 3,000 Long Island residents weekly, and was chosen by the True North Community Church to receive part of the money that church received from an anonymous donor’s lottery jackpot.

The mission’s pastor, James Ryan, said that he appreciated the offer but had to turn it down because the Mission works with too many affected by addictions such as gambling.

Whether you agree with the decision or not, it is obviously birthed from conviction as opposed to preference.

>Ray is Gay

My favorite blogger is Justin Taylor.

Today he has this link to an article in a “gay” newspaper in which Ray Boltz describes his “coming out of the closet” as a homosexual. (be careful, if you go to the link there may be some inappropriate advertisements alongside the article)

The article quotes Boltz, “This is what it really comes down to,” he says. “If this is the way God made me, then this is the way I’m going to live. It’s not like God made me this way and he’ll send me to hell if I am who he created me to be … I really feel closer to God because I no longer hate myself.”

Ah, he had a bunch of good songs, but the song he now sings to himself is deception. Do we toss out his music? That’s an individual call, but we don’t toss out the psalms etc of David? Of course David came to repentance…let us pray Ray does also.