>Almost a Year Ago

>Just stumbled across a photo of me, Jacob, and Josh McDowell from the REVIVE Conference Midland hosted last January. We are hosting Andy Lapins of Transfired Ministries this February, read more HERE

>Lock-In Aftermath

>Just got home from yet another lock-in; this one Midland Ministries annual December bowling all-nighter. Some students received counsel regarding the gospel; and we trust the Spirit of God drew some to the Savior.
Great to see some college students home; as well as about 170 or so teens and youth pastors/workers.

But, as Janelle and I drove home I thought of the truth of something I heard long ago:

Mary had a little lamb,
Grew up to be a sheep;
Went into youth ministry,
And died from lack of sleep.

But whatta way to go!