>Ministry of Introduction

>So a couple Bible quizzers drop by, one of them asks what I think of Brennan Manning and “The Ragamuffin Gospel,” I explain to her what I think of the book (mostly positive, by the way)…and then say that Manning was a major influence in Rich Mullins’ life.

She has a blank look on her face. So I ask, “You don’t know who Rich was?” “No.”

“He wrote tremendous songs that were unlike most contemporary stuff today…it didn’t simply entertain, was doctrinally sound, and often convicted rather than comforted, sort of like Keith Green.”

You guessed it. The poor girl (a senior in high school) didn’t know who Keith was either.

So I quickly went to youtube and pulled down a Mullins song “Faith Without Works” and got this version:


>If you have not read “The Journals of Jim Elliott” I won’t say you’re a fool (the Word of God has something to say about that!)…but I will strongly urge you to read the book if you want to be amazed and challenged.

If you don’t know who Jim Elliott is, get the movie “End of the Spear” or read “Shadow of the Almighty.”

Even if you don’t know who he is; I bet you’ve read what he wrote in his journal:

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>Cling to the Correct View of the Cross!


“Let us never forget the sacrificial character of Christ’s death. Let us reject with abhorrence the modern notion that it was nothing more than a mighty instance of self-sacrifice and self-denial. It was this no doubt – but it was something far higher, deeper, and more important than this. It was a propitiation for the sins of the world. It was an atonement for man’s transgression. It was the killing of the true passover Lamb, through whose death destruction is warded off from sinners believing on Him. “Christ our passover Lamb,” says Paul, “is sacrificed for us.” (1 Cor. 5:7) Let us grasp that truth firmly, and never let it go.”