>Getting Distracted from "That Which is of Most Importance"

>I am not “of Piper.” I am not “of Warren.” Neither am I “of MacArthur,” or “of Mahaney,” or “of Batterson,” or “of Driscoll.” Nor am I “of Calvin.” I try desperately to love and obey the Lord God Almighty, and am more-than-willing to read and learn from others, while recognizing that the only infallible “thing” I have are the sixty-six books of the First and New Testaments. And until I see something that violates the basics of the faith, I will try to walk hand-in-hand with those who cling to the living Word and the written Word even if we don’t see eye-to-eye on some things.

But if you aware of the not-quite-raging (yet) controversy about John Piper invited Rick Warren to speak at a conference, I believe Piper nails it in his response to that criticism, and whoever edited the following does it well:

>Resurrection Did Not Make Christ


“Christ has illuminated the world, not by what He did, but by what He was; His life is the Light of Men. We speak of a man’s life-work; the work of Jesus was His life itself… It is good to be told that the pure in heart shall see God, but the vision of heaven in a pure man’s face outweighs it all. They tell us that the Easter morning has revealed His glory; rather would I say that His glory has revealed the Easter morning. It is not resurrection that has made Christ; it is Christ that has made resurrection. To those who have seen His beauty, even Olivet can add no certainty; the light of immortality is as bright on His Cross as on His Crown. ‘I am the resurrection’ are His own words about Himself-not ‘I teach,’ not ‘I cause,’ not ‘I predict,’ but ‘I am.’ “

George Matheson

>He’s Alive…And I’m Forgiven!

>On Good Friday I posted Keith Green; this Easter morning it’s time for Don Francisco who, thankfully, remains alive and still ministering. Francisco is a writer of ballads…songs that are word pictures of truth.

This video features a full-orchestra/choir that comes in towards the end. It will, well, pump-you-up!

Now for another version..this by Dolly Parton. I’ve, of course, no idea where she is in relation to the Lord Jesus, but she sang truth at the 1989 Country Music Association awards: