>Cathedral, Car and, ah, Elf?

>Janelle and I took time Friday to stop at the Cathedral of the Plains, an amazing edifice in the middle of nowhere, Kansas. Also saw a car I’d accept if someone wanted to give it to me; and the side of a Christian book store had a painting apparently done by someone who had a passion for elves:

>Thrilled This Does Not Apply!

>My wife is such a support to the ministry to which the Lord has called us! I try not to be on-the-road more than a week a month during the school year; but sometimes things happen and this month is beyond crazy.

But though I love what the Lord allows me to do, and we are willing to invest the price to follow His lead…when I’m on the road I can’t wait to be home (my ringtone for Jane’s calls is I’M ALREADY THERE and, unlike poor Snoopy, when I pull in the driveway my best friend is there, along with whatever children happen to be home. I am a blessed man!