>Nationals Trip Pics

>Yet another Nationals ended as our bus pulled in from Pittsburgh, PA late Sunday afternoon. Did a ton of quizmastering, to include the last “window” quiz and the first of three “championship” quizzes. Every time I get thru a day of quizmastering I wish we had a staff masseuse or however you spell it. One giant knot! But what an honor to try to be consistent and fair to these incredible students who have poured so much time into studying, memorizing, and (prayerfully) applying First & Second Corinthians and Titus. Next year’s book? The book whose stated purpose is evangelism – the Gospel of John.

Here’s a photo of the entire Midland crew:

And, yes, I do wish I knew how to play the guitar:

Finally, three, ah, experienced, men…Johnny Williams (who is also my pastor…was a teen roommate of mine back in 1979-1980 or so in KC), me, and Steve Sanders of St Louis.

>Don’t Slow Down!

>Over thirty years ago I preached a sermon, for critique, at Christ Unlimited Bible Institute in Kansas City (a sadly now dead school that made it inexpensive to gain significant training into the Word of God, youth ministry, and more).

The content was applauded (although Dr. Al Metsker said my title, “I Can’t Get No Satisfaction,” was a double negative and thus poor english…Al was a wonderful teacher/mentor/example, but like too many he had little idea of the contemporary scene), but the most-often-voiced criticism was the speed at which I spoke.

Though I trust I’ve improved variety of speed etc since then, I am still a rapid-fire-talker.

I’ve always admired and learned from MARK BATTERSON yet this, from his latest blog, is a confirmation for me that I need to be who He designed me to be…

I’ll be evaluating my communication habits till the day I die. Why? I want to be a more effective communicator! And part of that is self-evaluation. Honestly, I think the biggest key to better communicator is more anointing. I have a simple formula: more anointing from God = more energy for the speaker = more interest in the listener.

“So I’m reading today and I come across a fascinating little number. We talk at about 150-words-per minute, but listeners can process speech at about 600 words-per-minute. That is why your mind wanders while listening to some who speaks slow! I’m also noticed that the more excited I get the faster I talk. All of that to say, I wonder if I need to pick up my pace. I wonder if talking faster, because you’re energized by what you’re saying, is one key to keeping people’s attention.”

I don’t know if Mark need to “pick up his pace,” and I need to continually evaluate my delivery (AFTER I prayerfully deliberate the content), but I’m okay with the speed of my delivery!