>Teens Need to Watch This – Repeatedly

>Far too many teens die because of speeding. We often focus on drunk driving (as we should), but “just” speeding causes death. Car crashes remain the number one killer of teens.

If you are a teen…slow down (and if you text while driving you are probably beyond hope)…and have enough sense and guts to tell drivers to slow down if you are a passenger…You are irreplaceable…live like it:

>Pics from the Graduation

>Friday I had the privilege of being the speaker for the commencement exercises of the Class of 2010 at Sheboygan (Wi) County Christian High School.

In November I spoke for a week at the school’s “Spiritual Emphasis Week” and was blessed when the seniors invited me to their graduation.

Obviously not a huge school, but of the 34 graduates, three are exchange students, a young man (Chris) from Ghana, a young lady from Chile, and a young lady from Thailand.

It was a thrilling time, made more special because I was initially “promoted” to the school by senior Joe Meerdink, the son of long-time friends Jan and Rhonda Meerdink, who I knew in Kansas City before they were “Jan and Rhonda” as they attended the Bible Institute.

Ah, I do appreciate relaxed “dress codes”!

The Class of 2010:

Chris…an outstanding young man returning to Ghana to make an impact for Christ:

>Battling Cancer by Focusing on Gospel

>I’ve never met Matt Chandler, but I’ve read his blog for a long time; and thus have followed his encounter with brain cancer. This young pastor is astoundingly gospel-centered in the midst of this trial. This video update is well worth four minutes of your time: (you can click on the video at the end to see links to the other video updates if you’d like to catch up…it will amaze and strengthen you…and, if you’re like me; make you feel like a jerk for whining about little things)