>In Memory of Sandi Kluth

>One of the inherent hazards of being on-the-road with limited time for communication is that important things slip through the cracks…only just learned that my friend Sandi Kluth stepped into His presence on August 11. She is married to BRIAN KLUTH
and I have known them for decades. Brian posted this video of her singing…and though we grieve, we grieve not as the world does, and she is singing in His presence even now:

>Put Down Your Bible!

>The one, more common extreme, is the majority of Christians who never read their Bible. The other end of the spectrum are those who spend too much time studying the Scripture. “What?” you say? “How can that be?” Remember…blessed are those who hear the Word of God and do it. It is a joy being in His presence in the light of His Word in the fellowship of the Spirit…but we are not to stay there.

That’s the thoughts that meandered through my brain as I read the following cartoon…Maybe I’m just ill?