>"Forms of Religion" Can’t Deal With Forgiveness

>Was reminded of this older clip from ER. God’s forgiveness in Christ is absolute…but if you don’t hold to substitutionary atonement there is no gospel, and thus no forgivenss, and thus hopelessness, guilt, and condemnation.

This brief video is the “testimony” of people all around us…the gospel, repentance from sin and faith toward God, is our only hope:

>More Jamaican Pics

>Middle of the week already, hundreds of kids ministered to, here’s some shots:

                                                             Janelle quizmastering:

                                    As in quizzing everywhere, it is all about the quizzers!

                                                              Janelle and friends…

                                                               Jane sharing in a public school…

                                                  At day’s end…a well deserved break