>Refreshed by Time

>I know we live in a fallen world, wherein creation growns; but there are parts of this planet that are stunning, amazing, and beautiful-beyond-description. Those adjectives apply to the days and nights we spent on Bald Head Island, just off Southport, NC.

I can’t find adequate words to describe the “times of refreshing” that I received personally, and the blessings upon blessings Abba threw down on us.

From long individual talks with my sons, to two-hour solo bike rides each early morning, to Bible reading on a deserted beach, to fantastic food, lots of laughs…pretty-close-to-perfect weather…health…and so much more…

A picture may tell a thousand words, but these don’t do justice to Bald Head:

                                                   Beaches were unbelievable crowded…NOT!

                                                    Sun up or Sun down…gorgeous stuff

                                                  Go on the dunes, pay a five hundred buck fine

                                                       Jacob & I hiked trails

    At the conservatory, Jacob wondered how much of him the shark could get in its mouth

                                              Janelle enjoyed taking pics throughout the days

                                           Only transportation on Island? Feet, bikes, golf carts

                  “Old Baldy”….the lighthouse…reminding us of the Lighthouse!