Gotta Say It…

I’m just going to say it:
I am white.
I am Caucasian.
I am a white American.
No, I don’t know what it is like to be a minority.
No, I don’t know what it is like to be a descendant of slaves.
But I am only going to do my own time. I am not going to whine or confess the “sin” of “privilege” whatever the experts say.
Depending on how you define it, it exists.
But it is not my fault. I can denounce prejudice, denounce hate, denounce rioting. And I will…regardless of what color/race the perpetrator is…
I won’t apologize for slavery. I had nothing to do with it.
I won’t feel guilty for being white.
I’ll note reverse-discrimination when I see it.
Someone named Austin Channing tweeted, “Speaking against this racist rally is good. Speaking against the ways white supremacy is propped up in your own circle is better.”
Sorry, I’m not going to speak against something that doesn’t exist “in my circle.”
Someone named Jeremy Courtney tweets ” We’ve benefited from bigotry since before we were born.”
And that’s my fault? No, sir, ’tis not.
Someone named Sarah Bessey types: “Praying fiercely for an empowered church to rise in love and courage and strength and truth against the evil of white supremacy.”
I don’t know Sarah,  but I do wonder if she ever said anything remotely similar about segments (large segments) of the BlackLivesMatter bunch? Or the rioters in Missouri?
Beth Moore said, “We cannot renounce what we will not name. It’s called White Supremacy. And it is from hell. Call it. Condemn it.”
Beth, you make a living teaching people how to study scripture. Surely you know there is no such thing as “White Supremacy.”
Sadly there are white supremists (just as there are black, asian, etc); but there is no such thing as white supremacy. Or black supremacy. Or republican supremacy. Or democrat supremacy…
A Lutheran pastor named Rev. Khader El-Yateem tweeted, “As a Christian pastor, I want to say that if Jesus was here today, he would be standing on the side of the anti-racists. “
And with that I concur. But when I look at his Twitter Feed I shake my head as I see, among other things, that as a political candidate for city council in Brooklyn, NY he is leading the charge (and apparently has won) to get all “confederate street names” at Fort Hamilton.

Pretty soon we will be arrested and perhaps shot if we use the word “south” in any context.
Insanity it is.
Fire away, people, if you wish…
Oh, and by the way, “white” is not my primary identity.
Here is my identity, in case you are interested…

Racists Are Cowards

“I’m better than you because I’m (fill in the blank).”

Whatever you put in the blank, you are wrong.

You are horribly wrong if you put in “white,” “black,” “asian,” etc.

You are despicably wrong if you put in a race and at the same time call yourself a Christian. I’d place you right in the “Westboro Baptist ‘Church'” ranks.

Yeah, you might say I’m very prejudiced against prejudiced people.

A couple days ago I posted a version of this classic DC Talk song on Facebook and challenged “friends” to share it, especially in view of the disaster in Charlottesville.

Very few did.

I recognize that just because I post something on Facebook does not mean it will show up on everyone’s feed; I also recognize that some of my almost 4,000 “friends” are people who heard me at camp or somewhere else and friended me and basically forgot about me; or are people who just don’t use facebook anymore.

But I also have a couple hundred “followers” which may indicate a certain level of attentiveness.

So why wasn’t it reposted more?

Could it be that people are concerned that they might offend one of their “friends.”

Maybe because it’s DC Talk (who rock) and some Christians confuse preferences with convictions?

Maybe because they just don’t repost anything?

Or it is maybe because for whatever reason they just don’t want to take a public stand on racism?

I certainly the “reason” isn’t the latter sentence.

I think it is true that Christians are notorious for almost saying something.

So I’ll just share another version of the song here…and if you want to share, that would be fine with me. If you have a reason not to share, I’d be interested in knowing that reasoning.

Here you go: