Picture Moves, But…

tragicI do NOT wish to start a discussion regarding immigration; and will delete any comments that so do.

This photo (and I am assuming it is legit) records a tragedy; and rightfully has gone viral.

Regardless of what did or did not lead to the death of these two, it is horrific.

And we shudder. Perhaps weep. Maybe get mad. Wonder what we can do about it! Prayerfully we pray…


“And they will go away into eternal punishment, but the righteous into eternal life.” (Matthew 25.46)

By God’s amazing grace I am in the latter half of that sobering sentence, uttered by the Lord Jesus.

Do I weep? Do I get furious? Do I wonder what more I can do? Do I really pray?

Who have I prayed for…by name…this day that they would come to Christ and salvation?