I snapped this with my phone a week or so ago in Amherst, Colorado (site of Youth Challenge camp)…not quite the end of the world, but you can see it from there 🙂

Anyway, I posted it on my facebook page along with several other snaps that morning, and it has received a ton of positive comments.

And, yeah, I rather like it.

So I am posting it here so I know where it is…and perhaps so you may enjoy it also.

I’m so glad our Lord created color instead of just black-and-white!


>A Leading Question

>Just started reading the book The God Who is There by D. A. Carson. Reading it for two reasons..everything I’ve read by Carson stretches and edifies me; and virtually every blogger I subscribe to has recommended it as one of the best books of ’10)…

Here is an early quote as he discusses the various Christian and non-Christian ideas regarding creation (read the whole paragraph to get the context of the concluding question):

“Even if your understanding of origins belongs to the dominant modern paradigm in which our entire known universe developed out of a big bang that took place something like fifteen billion years ago from an unimaginably condense mass and became our universe, there is an obvious question to ask. Whether or not you subscribe to the view that this big bang took place under the guidance of God, sooner or later you are forced to ask the question, ‘Where did that highly condensed material come from?'”