EVERYone is “wonderfully made”…and..”forgetting those things that are behind and straining forth…”

As anyone who knows me or reads my facebook knows, I am obsessed with the sound track of “The Greatest Showman.”

I took my bride to see the movie, doing the sacrificial husband thing. In my mind any movie without tenseness and/or body count is not worth seeing.

Though I thought I’d sleep through part of the movie, I thoroughly enjoyed it…

But..like so many others, I’m absolutely enthralled by the soundtrack; particularly by two songs.

“This Is Me” has, unfortunately, been adopted by the GLBTetc crowd; apparently to complement “Born This Way.”

I’d like to change a couple words, but the song and lyrics are great in and of themselves.

Here it is, direct from the film:

The other song is “From Now On.” I don’t think I’m the only Jesus-follower who immediately thinks of “…forgetting those things that are behind and straining for the things that are ahead..” when the music is heard. The song flat preaches.

Here it is with the lyrics:

And here it is from the movie (with Japanese subtitles; I can’t locate another one)

And, finally, here is a clip from the “greenlight” session when the cast was presenting the music before the money guys…and Hugh Jackman, who had just had throat surgery, was NOT supposed to sing…he couldn’t be silent…


>Truth is Truth – Regardless of Who Says or Sings It



Turn off my music on the left hand column and click on this. The singer is Ferras, the song title “Hollywood’s Not America.”
Probably some will be offended that I put a “secular” song here…but you can betcha bottom dollar that students are hearing this at school, at Pizza Hut and, yes, on their own ipods etc.
Perhaps there is some merit to following the example of the apostle Paul – using stuff from the current culture to serve as a jumping off point to the gospel?
Besides…the message of this song…just the basic message without spiritualizing or tweaking…is so necessary to hear and understand.